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Bach Around the Clock: My Classical Singing Debut part 2

bach around the clock new orleans
I felt it quite a privilege to be able to sing in this beautiful church and make my classical singing debut here. Especially sharing the stage with such wonderful and accomplished musicians. I didn’t feel particularly nervous before going on but I did notice that I felt very warm when I got up there. I was wearing an olive green suit with a yellow fleur de lis bow tie as per Manon’s suggestion.

The first three songs were 17th century Italian songs: Gia il Sole de Gange, Caro Mio Ben and Vittoria, mio Core. These are fun to sing, and a bit challenging especially the Vittoria. Albinas accompanied me on the harpsichord. Then he moved to the organ so I could do the Ave Verum written by Jean Langlais a French composer. Then we finished it up on the piano where I did Romanza an especially beautiful Andrea Bocelli song.

At the end I got a nice applause, my face streamed with sweat. I hit all the notes even the high ones right on. I don’t recall making any mistakes except maybe fumbling one or two Italian words. I was satisfied. Next year I’ll be better as I continue training and expanding my range and singing with more feeling.

It was great hearing my voice fill this cavernous space and not having to sing with a microphone. I spoke with Manon later and thanked her for letting me sing at the Bach-athon. She said, “You looked smashing and you sounded smashing!” That’s good enough for me. I’m already planning what I’ll sing next year.

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