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Disney’s The Princess and the Frog: a Love Letter to New Orleans

princess & the frog new orleansI must begin this by saying I have not seen this film yet. Usually I wait until movies come out on DVD. But I plan on seeing this one in the theatre.

The Disney company has been very gracious in setting one of their animated films in the Crescent City. I think it will be great for tourism and also will help to give people a taste of the magic of New Orleans and southern Louisiana.

Some of the stills I’ve seen appear to accurately render the style, mood and architecture of the city and I understand that the animators made many trips to the city and eventually took over 50,000 still photos so they could get it right.

We all know Disney is famous for accuracy. I remember being impressed by their rendition of a New Orleans street at Disneyland. I’ve always been impressed by their attention to detail. Seems like the continue this tradition in their latest animated film.

They’ve also set up a rather extensive exhibit at the New Orleans Museum of Art with displays of some of their famous artwork from animations past and present.

I think it’s a little courageous for the studio to return to hand drawn animation what with all the computer generated stuff flying about. It seemed as if that hand drawn art would be a thing of the past.

But thank God, no. Disney has returned to tradition while using computer technology to only enhance the hand drawn images instead of replacing them.

And by all reports it seems as if the studio has done it again. Time magazine gave it rave reviews not only for the artwork and story but for the music done by Randy Newman, a former New Orleanian.

Can’t wait to see The Princess and the Frog. It appears to be a fitting tribute to the Crescent City.

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