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The Kinks Complicated Life Provides Soundtrack for a Bicycle Cruise Through New Orleans French Quarter

The New Orleans French Quarter has always been a mecca for unusual characters and visitors from all over the world. Yeah, it’s just a cool place where a lot of quirky things happen. Take this video for instance. It was made mid-2005, in other words right before Hurricane Katrina.

Everyone in the city was pleasantly oblivious to all the meteorological power and elements influencing each other this way and that which would eventually form that hurricane of the century.

The Kinks Complicated Life Provides Soundtrack for a Bicycle Cruise Through New Orleans French Quarter

“Life is hard enough already. I don’t know why we gotta make it so complicated” says the man at the table at the beginning of the piece. Little did anyone know that within a short time Hurricane Katrina would cause massive flooding and everyone’s life in the city would suddenly get really complicated!

The irony of this video is not lost on those who had to endure the destruction and its aftermath. Here the Preservation Hall Jazz Band do their own version of The Kinks song and the lead singer takes us on an unusual one-shot bicycle tour of the New Orleans French Quarter. Interesting camera effects are used to speed up and slow down time all the while the singer keeps up with the tempo.

We as humans do have a tendency to complicate things. But living in New Orleans is pretty easy going, not complicated at all. You just gotta enjoy life.

And we here in the city are still rebuilding, still cleaning up, physically and metaphorically. And with all that things really have never been better here in New Orleans. The resiliency of the city and its people are on display in the New Orleans French Quarter which throughout the centuries has endured several fires, epidemics and threats to its very existence.

You can find out more about the Preservation Hall Jazz Band at the WWOZ website.

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