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How Many Ways Can You Play Happy Birthday?

OK, full disclosure. Today is my birthday and a buddy of mine sent me these three videos of jazzy happy birthday renditions. The first two are Wynton Marsalis and the last is by pianist Nicole Pesce.

How Many Ways Can You Play Happy Birthday?

This is a video of Wynton Marsalis in a masterclass somewhere in France jammin’, jivin’ and improvising this simple melody. Gives you a real idea of how jazz is done.

And here we go with Wynton Marsalis in a sextet. The piano improv is wild, all over the place, brilliant. And he’s not even looking at the freaking keys! At the end it feels like we’re on the streets of New Orleans.

Ever wondered how Bach, Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin or Mozart would attack Happy Birthday. Well, here we got Nicole Pesce showing us how. The best is when she does a drunk Mozart playing the keyboard upside down. Wow!

So Happy Birthday to everyone!

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