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My Nine Top Wishes for New Orleans for 2013

We had a pretty quiet New Year’s Eve here in New Orleans. We do what we have done for years. Our immediate family meaning my brother and sister and spouses and my mom all go to the Maple Street Cafe for our evening dinner. We make sure to get there early around 6:30 so as to miss the crowd and be able to go to other parties afterwards. Amazing, that even though we get there at 6:30 we manage to get outta there around 9:00. The food is good there, my favorite being the Duck Jameel, a delicious duck breast in blueberry sauce, and I get it almost without fail whenever I eat there.

My Nine Top Wishes for New Orleans for 2013

jackson square new orleans

Jackson Square in New Orleans French Quarter. May 2013 be an even better year for the city.

So this being the New Year I guess it’s time to tell what would be my wishes for New Orleans for 2013. I don’t have very many of them, only a few.

So here goes:

1. The city at last gets a handle on its violent crime situation. Murders are cut to a third of what they’ve been over the past several years since Hurricane Katrina.

I would love to say cut to zero but I don’t think that would be realistic. But who knows maybe with the new efforts of the mayor and the police department we’ll see a miracle occur.

2. New Orleans again is recognized as the top place in the United States to start a business. Forbes gave us that recognition for 2012, it would be great if we kept it up. This would mean that the city government would have to do even more to make New Orleans that much more attractive as a place to start for entreprenuers to get their start here.

3. We are spared a major hurricane this year. Maybe a few storms here and there, OK. But not another Isaac, pah-leeze, or worst yet, a Katrina.

4. More and more Hollywood productions will be made in New Orleans this year. But what I really want to see is more local talent making great films. Beasts of the Southern Wild proved that local talent can produce good movies, even award-winning ones, in Louisiana.

5. It would be great to see the Crescent City become a major player in the digital economy with more and more of these types of businesses being headquartered here which helps to attract young and vibrant talent.

6. One complaint that I hear too often from musicians is that it’s difficult to make a decent living as a musician in New Orleans. Being one of the greatest music cities in the world this is unfortunate and we tend to lose some of our best talent because of it. It would be great if in 2013 a way was found that would have our musicians not have to struggle so hard to make a good living, that would encourage out talent to grow and have the incentive to want to stay in the city to record and perform.

7. Another thing I’d like to see is an all our effort to repair some of our most potholed streets. Especially those streets that are major thoroughfares. There is really no excuse to have some of our major streets torn up by potholes that take months and months to repair. I realize that because of the type of soil we have New Orleans will always have potholes. But c’mon, city government, you’re willing to spend millions of dollars to put in a streetcar line from the train station to Canal Street. Don’t you think some of the worst of out streets need your attention first? I’m just sayin’.

8. Of course, everyone in the city wants to see the Saints have a winning season this year after the fiasco of bountygate in 2012. We miss our Sean Payton, and we miss seeing our team playing well consistently and wiping the field with all comers. How ’bout each game like our 41-0 creaming of the Dallas Cowboys? OK, OK, I’m being unrealistic again. But I can dream, can’t I.

9. How ’bout this? More and more corrupt politicians who have helped hold the city back from becoming a truly great place to work and live are exposed, indicted and sent to jail. It’s time New Orleans no longer tolerates corrupt politicians and inefficient and and incompetent government workers and agencies. It would be great that the replacement for our beloved U.S. Attorney Jim Letten be even better at his job than him. And that would be a tall order.

OK. That’s it. There ya go. All my major dreams and wishes for the Crescent City for 2013. Would that they come true.

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