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A New Bounce to New Orleans Music – Video

There always seems to be some kind of new variation on New Orleans music making it’s way into the mainstream, some new beat or sound or fad. Being the birthplace of Jazz which lead to Rock and Roll it seems that New Orleans music has been in the forefront of American music for over a century.

Now comes something known as Bounce Music or just Bounce. And it seems to focus more on dancing then the music itself since the music seem to just offer the beat to dance to. And dancing well, this bounce stuff is pretty funny, really physical individual dancing more for show than anything else. I mean it’s so physical, as you’ll see in this video, one couldn’t keep this up for very long. This is not like the fox trot or waltz or even jitterbug which you can dance to for an entire song and of course with a partner.

Of course, this is more for young people. Oldsters would probably drop dead on the spot if they tried these moves. Still worth watching and pretty entertaining, I’d say.

A New Bounce to New Orleans Music

Kinda makes me sweat just watching it. Looks like a good workout though. Hm that gives me an idea for a fitness product – The Bounce Workout!

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