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New Orleans Americana Musicians: Gold Beneath the Highway – Video

Back by popular demand, here’s another tune from these fantastic New Orleans musicians. They do what I would call Americana music, which appears to be a relatively new genre. Well, I wouldn’t say the genre itself is new, just the term is new. Stephen Foster in the 19th century wrote Americana music. American folk music as well as some alt rock would fit into the category.

New Orleans Americana Musicians: Gold Beneath the Highway – Video

An excerpt from this article on Suite 101 gives us an idea of how this term developed:

Although the roots of Americana lie in the American Folk and Blues of the early 20th Century and the Rock and Country of the mid-century, Americana truly began to come together as its own genre in the 1970’s.

By the 1970’s, Folk and Rock Music had spawned a fusion known, fittingly, as Folk-Rock (R. Lankford “Folk Music USA).

At the same time in Country Music, a movement was forming away from its traditional center in Nashville. This movement became known as Outlaw Country and was in direct contrast to the Nashville music industry as the tight control producers had over the artists and their music (“Outlaw Country“

Roots music I believe is what it all comes from, definitely American and certainly down-home. Absolutely New Orleans could be considered to be one of the capitals of Americana music since I feel that traditional jazz as well as blues and most music that comes out of this city is roots music. If you do a search for Americana music on the Internet you’ll see that it appears to be a vast umbrella for what could be a mashup of traditional music.

Nick Spitzer’s NPR radio program American Roots is all about Americana music.

I’m a musician that plays various genres: traditional folk, some bluegrass, some originals, tunes from the American songbook, New Orleans music and Cajun music. I’be been used to calling myself a folk musician but really Americana seems to fit better at what I do over folk. I like that.

Gold Beneath the Highway does a nice job here with their original song “A Word from Home.” Nice lyrics, good harmonies, great guitar playing, good musicianship and a real authentic traditional sound from these New Orleans musicians. Yep, I would say pretty much Americana all the way.

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