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New Orleans is Actor Hugh Laurie’s Jerusalem

Leave it to an Cambridge-educated Brit to come up with the perfect moniker for New Orleans – his Jerusalem. Religious folks take pilgrimages to that city in Israel so it fits that blues and jazz musicians and anyone who is a fan of those styles would make a pilgrimage where this true American music got it’s birth. Makes perfect sense.

Laurie who plays the iconic Dr. House on TV and nails the American accent beautifully on that show has been seen recently around the city, riding his bike in the Quarter and having his first ever live performance to tout his new CD Let Them Talk.

This performance was part of the PBS special Great Performances which Laurie hosted documenting his pilgrimage to New Orleans which started in Texas and ends in the Crescent City. Along for the ride are Irma Thomas, Allen Toussaint and Dr. John who sings while Laurie accompanies him on piano.

Laurie said in a recent interview:
“I completely understand if someone says, ‘This isn’t the real thing’ or ‘Who do you think you are?’” he said. “I get it. I absolutely get it.

“I can only say I have as much respect for and love for this music as I know how to have. I would fight a man who disrespected this music. I don’t come from the city. I have no ties to that city beyond what it has given me over an ocean and thousands of miles.

“It’s very subtle and subliminal. It’s elegant and graceful, but it seeps into everything and seeps into all of us, and it is inarguably America’s greatest gift to the world. The martini runs a close second.

“That’s all I can say. I can say I love it in as respectful a way as I know how.”

Read more about Hugh Laurie and his visit to New Orleans.

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