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New Orleans Music: Jazz and Our Liquid Land

It seems New Orleans has this gift for inspiring people. It’s almost as if it becomes the muse of artists and creative people. 19th century poet Walt Whitman didn’t start writing poetry until he had lived here for a while, Faulkner wrote his first book here, and Tennessee Williams started writing plays while making his home here.

Now a filmmaker Michelle Ettlin came here and got inspired by the city and made Liquid Land a documentary about improvisational music from found objects. It debuted at the 2012 New Orleans Film Festival

New Orleans Music: Jazz and Our Liquid Land

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β€œThe history of jazz has always included people making instruments out of whatever they could find, so it was a perfect match and a platform to bring together different musicians,” explains Ettlin. From the gutbuckets of jug bands in the 1930s to the DIY of Noisician Coalition and the annual experimental Noizefest that brings unconventional instruments and talent to the forefront, Ettlin, Berz, and Koenig had much to work with in New Orleans.

What follows is an evocative documentary from Ettlin as she captures the experience in stunning detail; though this is her first time directing a documentary, her organic approach lends striking urgency to the film. Ettlin drew much inspiration from the intensity and passion from the local musicians who readily signed on and brought their unique flavors to Liquid Land’s multimedia gumbo. Along with the city itself, the likes of Moose Jackson, Helen Gillet, and Rob Cambre, among many other talented local musicians, take center stage.

Seems that New Orleans music is always stretching, always growing and evolving, moving and liquid like the land under our feet.

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