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New Orleans Musician John Batiste Teaches Stephen Colbert How to Hang – Watch

When New Orleans musician John Batiste was asked by Stephen Colbert to be his bandleader for his new show on CBS he had only one request: He had to visit him in New Orleans. He wanted Colbert to really get that unique New Orleans vibe.

New Orleans Musician John Batiste Teaches Stephen Colbert How to Hang – Watch

stephen colbert john batiste in new orleans

Do these guys know how to hang or what? Stephen Colbert and his bandleader John Batiste on Frenchman Street in New Orleans

Batiste meets Colbert in a bar where he shows him some fine intricacies of New Orleans rhythm. Then they are out on Frenchman street soaking up the vibe and just hanging out. Notice the white suit, a very southern thing and an appropriate outfit for New Orleans.

The musician meets up with his “drummer”, which is really some bearded street guy in a pink dress with a tambourine, and they do a little jam, with Batiste on his mouth piano.

He shows Colbert how to successfully “hang” on Frenchman Street. He explains “hanging” as being out there on the street with style and purpose. He also explains to him some obscure New Orleans slang like “bleaching” that I’ve never heard before watching this video.

It’s cool that this young guy, this New Orleans musician John Batiste has got such a plum gig on The Late Show. Congrats to him!


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