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New Orleans Musicians Bobby J & Stuff Like That Featured in Small Business Revolution Documentary Demonstrating the Power of Persistence

What would New Orleans be without New Orleans music? Well, it would be a pretty dead place and the city would probably be some kind of backwater, a little sliver of misery on the banks of the Mississippi River. Our music is part and parcel of the Crescent City and without it the food would lack spice, the buildings would crumble, and Mardi Gras… well most likely would not even exist.

New Orleans Musicians Bobby J & Stuff Like That Featured in Small Business Revolution Documentary Demonstrating the Power of Persistence

It’s not easy being a musician in New Orleans. Although music is everywhere here, and I mean everywhere, to live in the city and make playing music your livelihood is really tough. You gotta be good, you gotta be resourceful, you gotta have connections, and music just has to be your heart and soul, like you couldn’t live if you couldn’t play your music.

New Orleans overall probably has the best musicians in the world, we got the beat, got the blood, got the spirit, got whatever it is that makes New Orleans music great.

This video is about Bobby Jordan and his wife Lisa who for 25 years has made playing music their bread and butter. They run it like a small business and they’ve managed to hold their own. Just to let you know, I’ve never heard of these guys, yet, they appear to be a popular and successful act.

Here’s more about them, taken from a press release I was sent:

Husband-and-wife duo Bobby and Lisa Jordan among 100 business builders featured in yearlong campaign celebrating the crucial role of small businesses in our communities

Bobby Jordan has only left New Orleans once – because Hurricane Katrina gave him no other choice. But after six weeks, his passion for playing music brought him back to New Orleans, which perhaps more than any other city is defined for the music played in its venues, its homes and its streets.

New Orleans musicians Bobby J and Lisa are true small business entrepreneurs.

New Orleans musicians Bobby J and Lisa are true small business entrepreneurs.

For the past 25 years, Bobby and his wife Lisa have led Bobby J & Stuff Like That, a popular band that can be found playing weddings, corporate events and an array of other parties and venues. Bobby is lead singer and convened the musicians, while Lisa handles booking – in addition to also singing in the band.

Now, Bobby J & Stuff Like That is getting national attention from Deluxe Corporation’s Small Business Revolution documentary project. The Small Business Revolution, which also features “Shark Tank” star Robert Herjavec, is a yearlong campaign that celebrates the vibrancy, variety and community impact of small businesses across the country.

Its latest story is a short film profiling Bobby J & Stuff Like That, one of 100 profiles of inspiring small businesses that will debut throughout 2015 at (Only 12, however, are being showcased in a video like Bobby J.)

Lisa, the singer, manager, and brains of the outfit.

Lisa, the singer, manager, and brains of the outfit.

As the new video shows, it takes passion and perseverance to sustain a successful band as a small business for a quarter century. But the music is in Bobby’s blood – and he knows how inextricable music is from both New Orleans’ culture and its economy. Bobby J & Stuff Like That is emblematic of the power of a small business to impact its community on multiple levels – and that’s one of the many reasons they attracted the Small Business Revolution.

Deluxe developed the Small Business Revolution to focus on the importance of personal touch and local involvement in an era when business is becoming increasingly impersonal. The campaign is capturing the stories of small businesses and their customers, families and friends – all of whom are a crucial part of what makes our communities whole.

“The hands-on customer service, the entrepreneurial spirit and the deep community involvement people find in the small businesses they frequent make all the difference,” said Amanda Brinkman, chief brand and communications officer for Deluxe Corp. “Telling these moving, inspirational stories and putting a spotlight on these owners is our way of celebrating the best parts of American business.”

The Small Business Revolution will unfold throughout 2015, as a part of Deluxe’s 100th anniversary celebration. Since 1915, Deluxe has helped small businesses and financial institutions grow and thrive by providing a range of business services, from websites and logos to social media and email marketing to checks and other financial services.

The Small Business Revolution will also award $25,000 to one small business later this year. Anyone can nominate their favorite small business at, and Shark Tank’s Herjavec will help Deluxe choose the winner who best exemplifies the Small Business Revolution spirit. The person who nominates the winning businesscan see how it feels to be a “shark” by personally delivering the $25,000 prize.

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