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New Orleans Rated America’s Favorite City 2012

Well here ya go. Some more good news about New Orleans. Travel + Liesure magazine has just rated the Crescent City as America’s number one favorite city. Now this wasn’t just some folks at the magazine deciding this. Nope. It was voted on by its readers.

New Orleans Rated America’s Favorite City 2012

new orleans french market

Crowds flock to the New Orleans French Market. Photo- Sumori

This is out of a list of 35 cities across the country in 66 different categories. New Orleans ranked number 1 in various categories including Music Scene, Antique Stores and Local Pride.

The fact that it stands out for local pride is interesting in that folks visiting here would have to sense how much New Orleanians love their city. How does that show up? Is that displayed in our friendliness? Our hospitality? The preservation of our unique culture?

I think there was a time when New Orleanians did not have such a sense of itself. Most folks here did not really realize just how different we are from the rest of the country. For me it took living in other places to realize just how unique New Orleans truly is.

As related at Travel + Liesure website:

In the annual America’s Favorite Cities survey, readers evaluate 35 metropolitan areas in a variety of categories that make an impression on travelers, such as which city has the widest array of hotel options, which offers the best museums, flea markets, and microbrews, and which locals are friendliest or have the sweetest accents.

When we tabulated the overall popularity results—those cities with the most top-five rankings across the 66 categories—a clear winner emerged. New Orleans scored in the top five in more than half of the survey’s categories, from fine dining, architecture, and antiques to the entertaining people-watching and its No. 1-ranked music scene. As reader Danya Powell Bushey posted to T+L on Facebook: “New Orleans is the epitome of soul: strong people and satisfying food mixed with passion-fueled tunes.”

Ah… well, there it is… the epitome of soul. I could not have said it better myself. Nice.


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