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PA Musician Pines About Going Back to New Orleans – Video

Hurricane Katrina has strewn our native sons far and wide. Here’s a song from Ted Silar, a fella who lives in Pennsylvania, who has never been to the Crescent City, but writes a tune like he knows what it means to miss New Orleans. It’s blues, it’s raw and ragged like the best New Orleans songs are. The last line is the best and echoes the sentiments of so many who live here. Enjoy!

PA Musician Pines About Going Back to New Orleans – Video


I don’t care if I have to borrow,
steal, or beg,
but if I have to walk,
I’m going on my own two legs.
Wrap up all my business here
and give me whatever’s left.
I gotta get back on that road
before I hurt myself.

I’m going back to New Orleans.
Honey, you just got to let me go.
I’m going back to New Orleans.
Lay my bed out on the floor.

I’m not saying I don’t like Houston.
I like Houston pretty well.
And if I was born in Houston,
I’d say Houston’s swell.
But New Orleans is where I’m from,
where I was born and bred.
If I don’t see her soon,
I’m gonna go out of my head.

Don’t say I don’t know what I’m in for.
It ain’t gonna be falling off a log.
I’m gonna have to sing for my supper.
I’m gonna be living like a dog.
But I’d rather sing for my supper there,
than sing anywhere else.
I’d rather be a dog in New Orleans,
than a king anywhere else.

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