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Real Raw Dixieland on Royal Street in New Orleans French Quarter – Watch This Kid Dance

OK, here ya go, some real, raw New Orleans Dixieland right there on the street in the Quarter. Excellent musicians right there for free on Royal Street

Real Raw Dixieland on Royal Street in New Orleans French Quarter

Some folks might say this is hot jazz, but really what’s the difference? Armstrong sometimes played what some folks would call hot jazz. This sounds like pure dixieland to me. I mean, really, isn’t that where ALL jazz comes from?

Get a load of the kid dancing half way through the video, movin’ and groovin’. And when that guy starts playing the clarinet real low like it reminds me of those real early Disney cartoons in the 1930s with all those animal characters bouncing.

I got goose bumps watching this, I mean these guys are that good. And it’s the groove they create, that whole otherness that happens sometimes with great musicians coming together to do great art.

And I was thinking, here we got a recording probably done with a cell phone. It’s amazing the quality of the sound. No studio with multiple microphones, just a tiny little hole in a cell phone. The whole band playing together like they used to record in the old days. That’s what made the music so hot and immediate. I don’t think you can really create that in a studio.

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