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Rich Collins of New Orleans Band Imagination Movers Releases Solo Album Golden Pick – Watch

Rich Collins of the New Orleans band Imagination Movers has just released his second solo album. The Imagination Movers are one of the most popular bands for kids in the world owing to the Disney show they had going for three seasons that was translated in many different languages. That show was shot on a soundstage in Harahan not far from my house.

Rich Collins of New Orleans Band Imagination Movers Releases Solo Album Golden Pick – Watch

rich collins imagination movers new orleans band

Rich Collins and his Golden Pick playing music in the park.

I watched that show several times and was amazed at the music, the fun and the creativity. It was very entertaining. The four Movers were all naturals on camera and is probably one of the reasons they are so popular in their live shows.

The group was started by four best friends in New Orleans who had an idea for a band that would create and perform pop music for kids but still could be appreciated by adults, too.

Well, they’ve done a good job of it because they’ve been going strong for many years now playing gigs in New Orleans as well as traveling the United States doing festivals and major events in New York and Washington D.C. So I guess you could say that they’ve become a big deal.

This song Golden Pick is the title track to the new CD. It’s fun, upbeat and just has this infections rhythm that makes ya wanna dance. And it’s shot right there on the banks of the Mississippi River and what looks to be City Park.

The New Orleans Band Imagination Movers is a great project and can’t wait to see what other great music and art projects happen in this city that go global.


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