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Talented Horse Dances for New Orleans Brass Band

Horse dancing to New Orleans brass band

Talented New Orleans horse dances to French Quarter brass band.

Not only do we have some of the most talented musicians in New Orleans but we also got some of the most talented horses. Here we got a cop on horseback letting his horse dance to the music of a street brass band in the French Quarter.

I don’t see the cop giving the horse any kind of signals and looks like the horse is copying the moves of the dancer in front. Well, they say that animals like to copy people.

Some “experts” say that only people have a sense of self. I would beg to differ with that. Because it looks like this horse is actually enjoying himself. I don’t think you can enjoy yourself unless you have a sense of self.


These horses have to be smart because they are chosen and trained extensively for crowd control especially during Mardi Gras. Nobody messes with a cop on horse back, and I would say that very few people can dance as well as this horse.

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