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The Singing House – Musician Meets Mad Scientist – Video

OK. Dey say dat in New Orleans people are crazy. But woulda thunk that we got some people yeah dat are scientifically crazy? Is dat da same as certifiably crazy? Well, me, sounds like one and the same.

The Singing House – Musician Meets Mad Scientist

But yeah we got some folks from da city, dey call themselves Quintronics, who’ve made demselves what’s called a singing house.

Oh my Lawd. With electamantronics and gizmos and gadamgets and what not, dry got dis house singing with change in weather, sunrise, sunset, moon, storms and wind and whatever ole man weather can hurl at em. Some of it sounds pretty, some sounds weird, some sounds, well, pretty weird.

But whatever you might think, it sounds really fonky.

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