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Trombone Shorty Launches New Youth Academy at Tulane

Like Louis Armstrong and other famous New Orleans musicians before him, Trombone Shorty grew up playing on the streets of New Orleans. Our parade culture gives youngsters the opportunity to play with established musicians and get their chops right there on the streets.

Trombone Shorty Launches New Youth Academy at Tulane

trombone shorty new orleans musician

Trombone Shorty, New Orleans musician, playing on the streets of the city… not too very long ago.

Still in his early twenties Trombone Shorty has played all over the world including the White House. His is a prodigious talent. Usually a musician waits until he’s in his 40s or so before starting an academy, but Shorty’s not waiting that long. So he and Tulane have teamed up to create a new school.

An article on the Tulane website states:

The Trombone Shorty Academy’s purpose is to teach young musicians the rich musical traditions of the region. Starting with gospel, traditional jazz and early brass band music, students will study rhythm and blues, soul and “SupaFunkRock,” a term coined by Trombone Shorty to describe his unique style, a hybrid of the New Orleans music he has played throughout his life.

Andrews also foresees the academy as a place that empowers youth to choose music as a career. That means teaching music fundamentals and business acumen.

“If we give other young musicians the opportunity, and they want it like Troy wanted it, we will have more successful young people,” says Jesse McBride, the Tulane instructor and popular jazz pianist picked to teach high school students starting this spring.

Trombone Shorty‘s always been one to want to give back to the community and New Orleans culture is so musically oriented that he sees the need for up and coming talent to get trained properly, as he was, and encouraged to go on to a professional career, and thus giving back to the community. So the circle is complete.

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