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Winnepeg Folklorama Honors New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians

If anyone doubted that New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians were a national treasure those doubts can be put to rest right now.

It seems that the 43rd annual Folklorama in Winnepeg, Canada thinks the Mardi Gras Indians important enough to have an entire pavilion in their honor.

It’s purpose is to recognize the important historical context of the Mardi Gras Indian which took shape in New Orleans in the 1880’s.

Winnepeg, Canada Honors New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians

new orleans mardi gras indian

Winnepeg honors New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians with their own pavilion at Folklorama.

The Indians celebrate a unique blend of African and American Indian culture and was one in which blacks at that time were able to express a modicum of freedom by identifying with the struggle of Native Americans fighting for their own freedom from oppression by European settlers.

As Dave Baxter states at in Winnepeg:

The brand new pavilion showcases the Mardi Gras Indian Show, an eye-popping spectacle featuring elaborate costumes and dance moves. Performers in the act have come all the way from New Orleans to take part in the event.

The show also features home grown talent with performers from the Aboriginal School of Dance and great story telling to educate the audience about North American Indigenous culture.

“This is a way to showcase history,” said Handel. “Most people know about the Mardi Gras party in New Orleans but not many know about the Mardi Gras Indian tradition.”

It’s great to see another city, especially one way up in Canada, give this type of acknowledgment and honoring of the New Orleans Mardi Gras Indians, a unique Crescent City tradition.

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