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Voting in New Orleans: I Believe in America – A Short Essay

I awoke early this morning before the alarm went off. I wanted to get to the polls when they opened, wanted to be one of the first in line to cast my ballot, to vote down new taxes, to say “yea or neigh” to several state constitutional amendments, to vote for a new president and to exercise my rights as an American citizen.

Voting in New Orleans: I Believe in America – A Short Essay

new orleans american flag

The American flag flies high in New Orleans, Louisiana.
Photo – Richard Bienvenu

Most of us here in the Crescent City consider ourselves New Orleanians first, Louisianians second and then Americans.

There is a lot at stake in this election for in it we decide which way America goes and ultimately who we are and who we have been as a country.

When I got to Lusher School it was still dark, and managed to get there just when it opened. The line of people walked in to the cafeteria that had been set up for voting, spread out to their respective precinct tables and queued up.

I was eighth in line at our table and pulled out my cheat sheet and got my ID card ready.

Yes, in Louisiana you need a photo ID to vote, something we’ve had for ages. No one complains and on one feels disenfranchised. I don’t understand why that is not mandatory in all states, seems like a good idea.

I came back home, sat at the kitchen table, read The Advocate newspaper and drank my coffee, satisfied the most important thing I could have done today, voting, was completed.

I felt inspired to write this little essay.

I Believe in America

I voted today Why?.

I believe in the American people. I believe that we have in our DNA as a country a thirst for liberty. When we get pulled in another direction where the government gets too big and intrusive and infringes upon our freedoms and our rights to pursue happiness in the way we see fit, when it seeks to strangle business and the means to individuals’ livelihoods, when it seeks to cast the worship of God out of the public square, where it wants the populace to accept a second place status in the world and provide for big business a means to squash its competition, when special interests become too all pervading and controlling of the national agenda, when it seeks to confiscate the rights of states to govern themselves and when it attempts to tear asunder the values and principles of our nation as set forth in the Constitution then the people will rise up and kill this cancer that attempts to over take it.

We are born and bred with this thirst. Even it the younger generation can’t spell it out, or has lost a connection to your history because of the destructive influence of progressivism in our schools that seeks to make clones of its own agenda, there is something with the heart and spirit of Americans that know what’s right and what’s wrong.

Those who are aware know of how different and how special this nation is. The rest of the world knows it because even though they may hate us they constantly try to emulate us. We have always been a light unto the world. And evil cannot stamp us out.

They say that we are moving down the road that Rome followed before its own internal destruction. But our history is not that of Rome’s. They did not have a sacred document that formed it, and we do not seek to make the world our own empire and conquer. The only thing we are always doing is conquering ourselves, innovating and improving, taking a step back and three steps forward on and on.

That is where our hearts lead us, on and on. Into the future. We are people who are deeply connected to our past, are excited about the future and live wildly in the present. We are dynamic and always moving, yet what keeps up solid is our dedication to the Constitution. A Divine document ordained by God through the Divinity of the men who composed it, those who let the voice of God speak through them, God-fearing all.

We will not bow or make apologies for who we are. Why should we. Our development as a nation was divinely ordained. A place where people could worship as they pleased and who are building a dream for themselves so they can explore the farthest reaches of consciousness. A place where people can dream and have those dreams come true. A place where people can believe in themselves and help others believe in their own dreams as well. A place where the purpose of government and its leaders is to serve the people, not the other way around. To get out of their way so they can prosper and their children can prosper and have hope and faith in a new day.

That is what American is about and why it is so special. That is why if people just stay a little vigilant and kick away the hungry dogs of socialism, collectivism and statism then America will stay strong and not only survive but thrive and can pass on to future generations a better country, a freer country, a more prosperous, creative and innovative country beyond anything we can possibly imagine.

America will forever stay free and be the beacon of liberty for the world because we believe in the people, the nation, in God and the Constitution.


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