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Come See What the New Orleans Saints Have Done to Me

New-Orleans-Saints-drew breesWhenever I watch a Saints game I’ve been conditioned over the years that no matter what the score the team will eventually wind up losing.

It’s just that we’ve lived with defeat so long with this team for so many years that it almost seems like we are now in some kind of parallel universe. The Saints are winning every game.

Not only do they win the game but they win it decisively not squeaking by on one or two points but ending it way out ahead. I gotta say that for someone who has not been a football fan at all I find myself now watching these Saints games jumping up and cheering, yelling at the screen, anxiously standing up by the TV when it looks like they might score. I’m even beginning to understand the game better.

In the game with Carolina last weekend I anxiously gobbled down a whole bag of microwave popcorn as I watched the “bless you boys” get creamed in the first half of the game. Seems like they’ve done this thing recently where they can’t seem to get it together in the first half and then somehow manage pull it off in the second half.

Of course, that kind of drives us all crazy. How the heck are they gonna pull out ahead of these guys when the Saints just can’t seem to get their act together?

And as I’m sitting their on the edge of my seat, er, sofa I watch Sean Peyton and try to imagine the pressure he must be under. If I got a knot in my stomach what he’s feeling must be ten times that. But Brees is brilliant as is Colston and all the rest of the team. And somehow the team gets it all together in the second half and wins.

The games have been exciting to watch and hearing the fans cheering in the Superdome gives me goosebumps. I mean for someone who’s not really much of a football fan the Saints have got me completely engaged this season.

Maybe it’s a combination of the gods, karma, a brilliant coach and brilliant players and maybe the fans, the weird and crazy New Orleanians who’ve never given up on this team.

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  1. Cathie Eustis says

    The Saints are definitely sporting some kind of magic these days! Look what they’ve done to me…turned me into a football fan, at the moment Saints only, after all these years.
    How ’bout dem Saints, huh?

  2. Richard Bienvenu says

    Yeah, you right, dawlin. Talk about…
    Will we really actually see the Saints play the Superbowl? I mean is that REALLY possible?

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