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New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees, the X Box and Kids Fitness

Seems like our beloved New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is everywhere nowadays. He recently surpassed Johnny Unitas for throwing the most consecutive touchdown passes in the history of the NFL. Yeah!

Now he’s teemed up for kids fitness with Kinect who makes stuff for the Xbox. Yeah, again. Maybe this will help some of our out-of-shape couch potato younguns to get off that dang sofa and start doing something that’s healthy for them.

New Orleans Saints’ Drew Brees, the X Box and Kids Fitness

new orleans saints quarterback drew brees

New Orleans Saints Drew Brees teams up with Xbox for a kids fitness game


Brees says in an article from Forbes:

 I think it provides yet another great alternative to maybe traditional exercise, or what you would view as traditional exercise. Normally, the first thing you would think about with Play 60 is, “Okay, I have to play sports.” No, you don’t have to play sports.

I understand not everybody is going to be a great athlete or want to participate in sports, although I think at least some exposure to sports is very important. I think it teaches you a lot of life lessons, team work, social skills, trust, and those sorts of habits; self-esteem and all those things.

When I was growing up I did watch a lot of TV, maybe too much. But back then there were only 3 stations so our choices were limited. I remember many many days of being outside with kids in the neighborhood playing kick the can or tag or even cowboys and Indians. Also, we played detective and spy games and such borrowed from the Man from U.N.C.L.E. and other TV series. Although we have kids in our neighborhood now I never see them play outside like we used to do. Shame.

Brees goes on to say:

I understand that as an alternative to sports, you can go swimming, hiking, or biking. There are plenty of things you can do outdoors that aren’t necessarily sports related. Then you can come inside and you can get to have another alternative, which is you can engage in interactive gaming through the Kinect for Xbox 360. That introduces a whole new realm of stuff. You can do dance competitions with the family or your friends. It just provides hours and hours of fun, and also great exercise.

 The other part of this story has to do with New Orleans now becoming a technology and gaming Mecca. I think it’s great that the gamin industry is producing stuff that actually engages people to be able to get in shape and improve their fitness and fine motor skills. It’s great that our favorite quarterback New Orleans Saints Drew Brees is a part of this.

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