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Sean Payton and the New Orleans Saints Bounty Hunters

OK. The sentence has been passed and the perpetrators must pay a penalty. But it does seem a bit unfair thus penalty that is. I mean for Sean Payton to be laid off the game for a whole year as well as others on the team to be so severely penalized just seems to me to be going way overboard.

I think the bounty scheme to be a little bit, well, questionable. No. Really, it just seems wrong. Getting paid to purposely injure another player to me just ins’t good sportsmanship. I think everyone can agree with that. It’s a result I think of someone’s desire to win so badly that they are able to justify something that is clear to most people as just wrong.

But here is the thing, other teams have now confessed to doing it and right now it seems all they are getting is a warning. No fines no penalties. Why are they choosing to be so hard on the Saints? And not other teams and coaches? Why are hey not being hauled into the NFL for sanctions as well?

There is just something not right about it and I hope that Payton and the Saints can appeal this decision and other teams and coaches are called out for there own participation in their own bounty programs.

Clearly this type of thing must come to an end and clearly there must be sanctions for those who participated but it needs to be fair across the board and the whole weight of it not put on just one team, the New Orleans Saints.

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