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The New Orleans Saints and the Creaming of the Giants


Ya’ know, I am not much of a football fan and I never thought that I would be writing anything about football in these pages but I gotta say that the routing of the New York Giants over the weekend was a good thing to see.

Although I am an athletic kind of guy, I have to admit I don’t know much about football. Never had anyone to teach it to me as I grew up. I was kind of a sit-around, pasty kind of kid, spending a lot of my time at the piano, so I never really expressed much interest in the game.

Consequently, I never learned all the rules to football and don’t understand all that first and ten, first and goal, blah, blah, blah, all the little details. I do understand the basic premise: get the ball across the opponents goal line. That’s about it.

A couple years ago I went on the Internet and downloaded the rules to the game and read them. It made me even more confused. It was almost as if it was written in a another language, or maybe like a bad translation from another language.

I read two different sets of rules from two different sites on the Internet. Both were like gobbledygook to me. When I watch a game now I don’t understand it any more than I did before reading the rules.

And I think: What mind came up with this sport? Why does it seem to be so complicated? Are there other people out there in the stands hooting and hollering who really don’t understand what’s going on either? I’m gonna say, yes.

Anyway, I’m beginning to appreciate the game more like a war game, the strategy involved and the incredible skill and talent of the quarterback and all the team mates who support him. And the skill and talent of the coaches.

All that came through to this one basically ignorant of how the game is played when I watched the final quarter of the creaming of the Giants by the Saints.

Bless you, boys. Can we now say, “on to the Superbowl?”


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  1. Siria Tatum says

    Humurous post! ~ I think you need to sit and watch football with someone who will explain it to you as the plays evolve.

  2. Richard Bienvenu says

    Yes, I know. I need to do this. But sometimes it’s more fun to live in bewilderment on occasion. Perhaps now the opportunity will present itself.

    I know that once I had someone explain to me what’s happening at a bullfight in Spain it actually became more interesting, it’s more than just a bull and a guy running around with a cape.

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