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New Orleans Airport

New Orleans Airport lobby

A beautiful lobby in the New Orleans airport

When flying into the New Orleans airport you’ll notice on your ticket the code letters MSY. This stands for Moisant Stock Yard. Our airport, open since World War II, was originally named after daredevil aviator John Moisant, who died in 1910 in an airplane crash on this land.

At an average of 4.5 feet (1.4 m) above sea level, MSY is the 2nd lowest-lying international airport in the world, behind only Amsterdam’s Schiphol International Airport in the Netherlands, which lies eleven feet below sea level.

Before Hurricane Katrina New Orleans airport was truly an internatonal airport serving Central and South America. And after Katrina it took several years for there to be even one international flight into the city. It seemed at one point our airport would become an important hub airport but it’s been outpaced by Atlanta and Houston and Miami.

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Little by little the airport is expanding. It’s now called Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airiport named after one of the most famous people of the 20th Century, a son of the city known for his innovations in jazz and trumpet playing.

Armstrong was perhaps New Orleans best ambassador to the world although after he became famous he never lived here again preferring to reside in the northeast, traveling the world playing to millions of devoted fans. It’s fitting that New Orleans airport be named after him. As you walk through the building you’ll here the strains of his music playing on the speaker system.

New Orleans Airport Services

Of course, the New Orleans airport has the usual roster of services as most airports do: short term and long term parking, rental car pickup and drop off, food courts. And we have not just any old food courts, we have restaurants that serve New Orleans food as well as shops with typical bottled, boxed and canned New Orleans food items you can take with you as gifts for friends and family.

We are lucky that Southwest Airlines has chosen to make New Orleans a hub to their operations, they offer reasonable and sometimes unbelievably cheap fairs to our city from all points in the country. I try to fly Southwest whenever possible. They even have their own concourse close to the main lobby of the airport which makes for easy transit from the gate to baggage claim and taxi service.

Delta now has a beautiful concourse with a big lobby where you’ll sometimes find Dixieland bands welcoming visitors to the city.

Our taxi service is becoming better now that the city government has cracked down on shoddy and inadequate taxis. You can usually get from the airport to downtown for about $40.

New Orleans Airport Advanced Baggage Check-in

But one cool thing you may not know about is this service where you don’t even have to wait for your luggage! Just get off the plane into a taxi or shuttle and away you go to your hotel or cruise ship and your bags will be delivered to your destination. Of course you need to sign up for this, but it makes coming into the city that much more enjoyable without having to deal with all the waiting and rigamarole of picking up your bags.
For more information please visit or call 1-877-467-8898.

We don’t have a huge airport like Houston or Atlanta and thank God for that. The New Orleans airport is easy to get around, open and airy with the fine, friendly service that the Crescent City is famous for.

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