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Bonus Chapter

DOWNLOAD Your Bonus Chapter!

Hello, Lover of New Orleans!

This is where you can download Eleven Insider Secrets About New Orleans. This is the bonus chapter for  Your Own Personal New Orleans Tour.

I’ve provided it as a Mobi for your Kindle device or free Kindle computer app. Use the password you’ve received in the email I sent you after you confirmed your email.

Download here for the Kindle file in Mobi format.
[ddownload id=”6696″]

Download here for the file in pdf
[ddownload id=”6693″]

  • Buy a Kindle device HERE.
  • Download the FREE Kindle app. for your Mac HERE.
  • Download the FREE Kindle app. for your PC HERE.

How to open the Mobi file on your Kindle app on your computer:

1. After the file completes its download,

2. right click on it and choose Open With,

3. scroll to the where is says ‘Kindle app’ and click,

4. the Kindle app should open and you’ll see the bonus chapter in the library listing,

5. enjoy!


How to upload the Mobi file to your Kindle device:

1. Attach the large end of your Kindle USB plug to a desktop or laptop computer USB port.

2. Attach the small end of your Kindle USB cord to the Kindle device.

3. If an autoplay window appears on your computer with a list of options, click “Open folder to view files” under the General options section. Otherwise, open the My Computer or Applications in Mac area then click to open the Kindle drive.

4. Drag and drop files from your computer hard drive or desktop into the Kindle documents folder

5. When you’re finished, undock or disconnect the Kindle using the computer’s Safely Remove Hardware or undock feature.

6. Unplug the USB cable from your computer and the Kindle.


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